Some of the Question you might receive from your Customers:

My camera doesn't read the QR code

Some "old" phones need to Download a QR Code Reader App:

We Recommend to use:

For Android (Samsung, Google Pixel, etc) Ask your customer to type on Internet Browser : qr1.the-menu.ca

For Apple (Iphones) Type this on Safari: qr2.the-menu.ca

Can I scan the code from any direction?

Yes, The QR Code can be read from any side of the square.

Error: 404 the page you entered does not exist

The page, menu section, or link is not working, please contact us at help@the-menu.ca

Error: we are sorry, but you don't have access to this service

Likely, your customer is not connected to Internet. please check Wi-Fi connection or if the data is active on the mobile